Treatment & Procedure

  • Please allow one hour for each Colon Hydrotherapy visit.
  • Try to arrive a few minutes early as to relax before your treatment.
  • If you have to do your consultation form please arrive 15mins early as it’s quite comprehensive.
  • When you arrive you will fill out a questionnaire I will go through a thorough consultation of the information you have provided. (If convenient please download my consultation form beforehand and email it back to me in advance of your treatment. Alternatively bring it with you on the day).
  • There is no need to be nervous, you will be surprised at how comfortable the treatment really is.
  • Your modesty will be preserved throughout the entire treatment.
  • We use the gravity-fed system. This provides a more thorough cleanse by removing much more old impacted feacal matter and overall toxins than all other machine type systems.
  • All our equipment is disposable.
  • During the treatment warm purified water gently enters the colon through a small disposable tube/ speculum which remains in the rectum for the duration of the treatment. Also attached to the speculum is a separate exit tube for the removal of waste from the colon. The constant gentle flow of water in and out aids the removal of hardened faecal matter and excess mucous lodged in the large intestine.
  • Colonics help to improve bowel function. They do not cause lazy bowel.
  • There is no risk of bowel perforation. Lisa is highly qualified.
  • Good bacteria can be reduced, however “friendly bacteria” will only colonise in a healthy environment post treatment.
  • Probiotics & supplements are recommended when needed.
  • The number of treatments required differs from person to person. Your therapist will recommend how many treatments are needed for you at the end of your session.
  • At the end of your treatment I will do a review of your session and you will leave with aftercare dietary and lifestyle advice to help you achieve your objectives.

If needed, I will recommend any necessary supplements for you to purchase to help you rebalance your gut flora ‘friendly bacteria’ in order to improve gut health, or to further enhance the detoxification process.

Colon Hydrotherapy


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