“I began to develop problems with my stomach in my early twenties, bloating, trapped wind, pains and spasms. After many visits to my GP I was diagnosed with IBS but even with all the tablets nothing helped. I was in constant pain every day. Another side effect of the IBS was the constipation – I always thought that constipation was having to struggle or spend ages in the toilet – I had no problem going to the toilet but I might only go once or twice a week which I know now is just as bad. I had two sets of clothes in my wardrobe – my normal clothes and then my ‘big’ clothes. I was fed up with having to wear long tops to cover my jeans as many times I would have to open the top button and the zip as my stomach expanded throughout the day. Last year my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer, thankfully she made a full recovery but I was determined to resolve the problems with my stomach. My plan was to try intolerance testing and see if that worked before having a lot of medical tests done. I began searching the internet for food intolerance testing in Dublin and one of the sites I came across was for Cleanse Within. After looking at the web page straight away it stood out from the rest, it was really informative but easy to read and I could identify with everything it said. The location was so central I decided to call in and see if I could speak to someone in there and see if there was any hope for me. This is where I met Lisa who runs the clinic. I went in just to ask a few question but a few minutes turned into an hour long conversation. Lisa answered all my questions and more and I really felt for the first time that someone actually listened, understood, wanted to help and took a genuine interest in my problem. Lisa suggested I try the colonic hydrotherapy first so I booked a session with her for the following week. I was a little bit apprehensive at first but the minute Lisa met me at the door she put me totally at ease. The treatment itself was painless and Lisa talked me through each step and was with me the whole time. For me the results were immediate! Throughout the session with Lisa she talked to me about what she felt was going on with my bowel and recommended some small dietary changes to try aswell as giving me information on a handout as a reminder. I had a second session with her the following week and again I left feeling fantastic. That was almost four months ago and since I have been to her I have had no pain or spasms, my bowel is now working much more regularly so I don’t feel sluggish and bloated and I haven’t needed to wear any of my ‘big’ clothes. The improvement has been dramatic and the changes to my diet were simple and sustainable. I have heard so many people complain about stomach problems and I have recommended Lisa and her clinic to several of my friends and they have all seen amazing improvements. I just wish I had of done it years ago! I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough and if you read this and have similar experiences you should definitely contact Lisa and feel the results.”Victoria

“Lisa at Cleanse Within has restored my body to a state of balance and lightness, with greatly improved digestion and energy levels and enhanced immunity. Lisa is a very skilled practitioner and her care and gentleness have made all my treatments a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend the services at Cleanse Within. Detoxing and rejuvenating your body has never been easier thanks to Lisa.”Jenny

“I’ve been getting colonics for a few years so thought I knew what to expect when I started going to Lisa. Before I had my treatment I felt tired, sluggish and generally needing a boost. Lisa made me feel comfortable immediately. Within a few minutes, the treatment felt different to previous times. Lisa really made sure that we got the maximum benefit out of the appointment. She wanted to make sure I left feeling better. I was very drained afterwards but within 48 hours, I had more energy and was back to my normal self. Lisa gave me lots of advice on how to manage my diet etc. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!”Susan

“I came to Lisa recently for 3 colonics. I cant thank her enough for how she has helped me and changed my life- literally. Lisa is an experienced Nurse and you call tell in how empathetic,kind and gentle she is when doing the Colonic. I was diagnosed with Coeliac diseasea year ago at 35 , having suffered from Constipationary IBS the last 14 years and probably living with undiagnosed Coeliac disease during tat time too.After going gluten free, I discovered the large range of GF prodcuts on the market such as GF bread and biscuits etc. These prodcucts however seemed to be causing me more damage than the gluten itself due to the heavy amount of starch in the products- potato starch, maize starch etc. As a result, instead of me feeling better by doing the right thing and avoiding gluten, I was infact damaging my bowels more and had been very constipated and sluggish with very little energy. Lisa immediately recommended a wonderful diet list of foods to avoid, supplements to take and tips such as drinking warm water with lemon. Like any Coeliac afraid of grains, she advised not to be afraid of good grains that are GF such as brown rice and quinoa. I completely changed my diet and the cravings I had for sweets and chocolate also stopped. Please note I was a complete chocoholic and after the first colonic I bought one small bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate that lasted me a week! No more indulging each day at Butlers for moi! Lisa has done wonders for me not only physically but emotionally also. I would highly recommend Lisa to everyone. Having expeienced her own colon troubles in the past she is the best placed Colonic Hydrotherapist to go to. I can guarantee that she will make you feel better and you will at all times feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. Lisa will even make you smile and giggle during the treatment. Dont waste any more time.”Sally

“Colonics are a fantastic method for detoxing your body, and making you feel great. I’ve used Lisa’s services for a year and have found her to be professional, warm, understanding and trustful. Everyone is treated as an individual; one whom Lisa is keen to help. My advice is to have a chat with her about the benefits of a colonics and take it from there. It’s amazing how good you feel after a course.”Peter

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