There is no greater feeling than that of complete optimal health. It is imperative that we take the time to care for our own well being, in order to rebalance, rejuvenate and reenergise our mind and body. Cleanse Within is exclusively dedicated to colon hydrotherapy and therefore all clients can email or call with any queries that they may have. Lisa will work side by side with you in order to achieve that better sense of well being. Read more

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22 hours ago

Cleanse Within

Had a craving for something cooling and sweet and..........
OH MY GAWD 🤤 Delicioso 💃
Can I even remember whats in it 🤔
Yes 😁 Figs, Blackberries, Dollop of Goat Kefir, Cacao Fueled Homemade Granola, Little Dollop of Nut Butter, some Almonds And a little pinch of sea salt which is actually the best part 🤣
#fiber #immunesupport #bowelmovement #liveforever #antiinflammatorydiet #reducecholesterol #balancesugarlevels #hormonebalance #bloodydelicious #nobloating
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2 days ago

Cleanse Within

It's the wkend so that means......baking 👩‍🍳
We made some yummy Spelt Drop Scones for Miss Ella to have with her Strawberry & Chia jam for later (not forgetting the auld KerryGold 😆)

* 175g (6oz) spelt flour
* 1 tsp baking powder
* 40g (1½oz) coconut palm sugar 🙈 even this kills me 😆
* Chia egg mix (1 tbsp of chia seeds, place them in a cup. Add 3 tbsp of water, wait for about 5 mins, until it's like a gel)
* 200ml (7fl oz) almond milk

MIX MIX & MIX again and DROP it on the pan, wait for little tiny bubbles to appear and flip over 🙏🏻
#bakingwithmommy #yummyinmytummy @ Casares Costa
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3 days ago

Cleanse Within

Finally got her to look beyond its unappealing appearance and eat a Fig. Great response, "mmm it tastes like Mommy's jam" 🤗
These little teardrop shaped fruits are packed full of fiber, which can help promote digestive health by softening and adding bulk to stools, decreasing constipation.
And.....they are a fantastic source of prebiotic, great for the population of that friendly bacteria 💃#yummytummy
#happytummy #colonhealth #prebiotics #probiotics #poop 💩
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